rmAppSuite PRO – posted : 5/1/20

Please download the new rmAppSuite PRO and begin using it as soon as possible.  Ensure you have no ‘Issues with Unsaved Changes’ before doing so.  You will loose any filters you’ve setup but they can be easily added back and I’ll be glad to assist, if needed.  The new PRO version has a lot of new features and will be only app we use going forward.

If you do not have your original password, please get with me to setup a new one.
-When signing in the first time–CORP ID is hth

New Features
-swipe right on an issue and a DIRECTIONS button allows you to quickly map a travel route.  also by clicking on the blue address when issue is expanded will map a travel route.
-swipe left on an issue allows you to TXT or Call a tenant.  Use of TXTing will not show your personal number but calling still will.
-clicking the view menu (the 3 stacked dots) allows different view.  SMALL view is suggested
-colors are now used for _HIGH, MED, zLOW issues too


–1) ADD TIME.  Scroll to the bottom to find the HOURS.  You will now simply click the plus (+) sign and add your hours worked on that job that day.   The APP will calculate your total time.
–2) Change STATUS.

SUBMIT vs. SAVE — Use SUBMIT like you would for SAVE

Slanted Menu (3 lines all left aligned) – use this to set SORT OPTIONS.  set them to PRIORITY with the arrow pointing UP is suggested.  This allows _HIGH priority (RED) issues to appear at the top and from oldest to newest.  So working the list from TOP down is suggested

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