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Help to Maintain Furnace Life & Possibly Save $$

Change Your Furnace Filter:


A good rule is to change your filter every time you change the calendar.

By doing so you extend the life of the air handler by keeping the air flowing freely.

An added benefit to you is keeping energy costs down by not making the furnace work over time pulling air through a dirty filter.

If you cannot find your filter, or are having trouble changing it, please contact our service department using any method below:
complete this FORM | email ~ | or call 540-777-4055


How To Replace Your Furnace Filter

First, ensure the unit is not running and in the OFF position.  Changing filters while the unit is pulling in air, will allow unwanted debris into the furnace coils.
Confirm the new filter is the correct size. An ill-fitting air filter will also allow unwanted debris into the furnace coils.  Before installation, write the date of installation on the filter side/frame.
Carefully remove the old filter, avoid dropping dust collected in the old filter, and throw the old filter in the trash.
Wipe down the filter area/frame of dust and surrounding equipment surfaces with a damp cloth.
Install the new filter by observing the Air Flow arrow printed on the filter frame.


Seasonal Yard Maintenance (Single Family Homes)

Maintain lawn care, and edge where needed (If you need mowing services, call 540-797-0111)

Keep bushes and trees trimmed. With heavy snowfall branches are subject to break.


House Cleaning Tips

Keep the home clean. Mice, roaches, and pests  are drawn into homes to search for food. If there is nothing to eat, mice will be less likely to stay. Keep all food stored properly in airtight containers or in places that are safe from mouse attack.

Clean out  floor  vents. This keeps dust and other impurities out of the air and from clogging the air filter.

Clean under stoves and refrigerators to maintain cleanliness and keep pests out.

Change out all lights, smoke detector batteries and remember to check fire extinguishers.