Parking and Towing

Parking in ALL Hometown Holdings managed apartment complexes are for tenants/occupants on the lease ONLY. All visitors should be instructed by tenants to park on streets or in other areas close to the complex but not in the parking lot. Please ask visitors to be respectful of the tenants and occupants of the dwelling.

Any vehicles, including tenant and occupant vehicles, that meets the criteria below are subject to being towed by a Hometown Holdings representative without notice. 24 hour towing will be enforced.

Criteria for towing a vehicle: (one or more items below meets criteria)
♦ out of date or no inspection sticker
♦ out of date or no tags
♦ vehicles identified abandoned by Hometown Holdings
♦ unregistered vehicles with out of state tags.
♦ visibly inoperable vehicles in the dwelling parking lot
♦ handicapped parking spots are for handicapped tagged vehicles (by license plate or rear view mirror hanger). any vehicles parked in handicapped spaces, not deemed as such, will be towed immediately.

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