AutoPay ~ a contactless, convenience feature to Set it and forget it.

AutoPay allows you to setup monthly payments to automatically draft from your checking or savings account on the 1st day of every month. This is our most popular feature as it takes the stress out of paying monthly rent or being charged late fees for missed/late payments.

Setup instructions are below.

  •  login to TWA
  • click the GEAR icon on mobile devices or the drop down menu on browsers
    (top right corner)
  • select Saved Payment Information
  • click EDIT button at bottom of page
  • select ACCOUNT TYPE desired, insert other detailed account information, and SAVE.
  • select Enable Automatic Payments and complete desired day, type and amount.
  • check the “please be advised…” button and select SAVE AUTO PAYMENT SETTINGS.
  • ZEGO convenience fees are as follows:
    ACH (Checking or Savings account) ~ $3.17 flat fee
    Credit Card ~ $3.17 + 3.23% of the amount being paid.
    Debit Card ~ $5.32 flat fee.
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