Dear Tenants,

To help avoid your water pipes from freezing during this extreme cold weather we are experiencing, please turn the bathroom and/or kitchen faucets on to a SLOW, steady drip when temperatures are below freezing outside. If one sink could be dripping hot water and the other cold water, it will increase the chances neither line will freeze. Also exposing pipes to heat sources; such as opening the doors to a vanity or underneath the kitchen sink, will assist with this matter as well.

We cannot guarantee this will prevent the pipes from freezing, but could help prevent your property from being without water.

Also, this is a reminder that furnace filters are tenant responsibility to change every 4 – 6 weeks if you have access to do so. Changing filters regularly will assist in keeping your heating/cooling costs down and allow your system to run more efficiently. This filter is the intake for the system. If it is clogged, it will not function properly and can cause the system to fail or not heat or cool properly.

For more tips, visit https://hthproperties.com/helpful-tips for more information

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